Alarm Registration

History of Alarm Registration Ordinance: Effective January 1, 2018, alarm holders are required to file information regarding their alarm with the Village of Windsor Clerk annually. There is a $25 registration fee. The purpose of the alarm registration is to provide responding deputies with immediate and up to date information allowing for a coordinated response and providing deputies with pertinent safety and contact information.

This ordinance is intended to regulate alarm devices which generate or result in a response from the police department or fire department. This would include any alarm device which is linked to the console in such a manner that upon being activated alarm signals are sent directly to the console within the Police Department or any alarm device which when activated sends a signal to agencies, persons or firms, private or public, other than the Windsor Police Department or Dane County Sheriff’s Office. 

⇒ Does not require alarm registration: Any alarm system used to alert or signal persons within the premises where the alarm is located or that sends notifications directly to the alarm owner.

⇒ Not Permitted: Alarm devices which when activated send a prerecorded message over telephone lines to the police department