Implements of Animal Husbandry Permits

Implements of Animal Husbandry Permits are required for agricultural commercial vehicles and implements of husbandry that exceed certain weight and length limits.  Agricultural commercial vehicles and implements that exceed 92,000 pounds in weight and/or the overall length limit of 60 feet for a single vehicle and 100 feet for a two-vehicle combination require a permit.


The permit is now required due to legislation adopted in 2014 that increased the allowable weight and length of agricultural vehicles operated on Wisconsin highways. The higher limits apply to Village roads also unless the Village adopts an ordinance that requires the vehicle owner to obtain a permit before operating a vehicle which exceeds the previous weight limits. Windsor Village Board passed Ordinance 2015-02 establishing the need for a permit and the ability to impose forfeitures for overweight operation. To view the entire ordinance, please select the following link: Implements of Husbandry


There is no fee for the permit. Permits are available at the Windsor Municipal Building or by selecting the following link:

No Fee Permit Application for Implements of Husbandry


The purpose of the permit is to protect the Village's roads from excessive wear and assure that vehicles are safe to operate on them. Farmers who have any questions about whether they require the permit should contact Jamie Rybarczyk, Deputy Administrator/Director of Economic Development, at 608-888-0066 ext. 112.