Windsor Recycling Centers - Permit Required

The Windsor Recycling Centers are a resource available to Windsor residents only. A permit is required for use. Please refer to the maps below for what is accepted at each location and the hours of operation. 

 Acceptable Items:  
    • Brush (sticks, branches (8" or less in diameter), shrubs, Christmas trees)

4160 CTH V, DeForest (Click for Map of Acceptable Items)
Acceptable Items: 
    • Cardboard
    • Metals Bin 
    • Motor Oil & Tires (no rims)
    • Yard Waste (except rocks, dirt and brush)
    • Bulk Waste (no household garbage)

Not accepted at Windsor Recycling Centers:
  • Appliances containing a refrigerant (i.e. Freon)
  • Paint
  • Household chemicals
  • Electronics (except on designated days)
  • Microwaves
  • Glass
  • Curbside recyclables (except cardboard)
  • Styrofoam
This is not an exhaustive list of what is not accepted. If you have questions about if an item would be accepted, please call 608-888-0066.

If you need to dispose of items not accepted with curbside disposal or at the Windsor Recycling Centers, try utilizing Dane County's Recycling & Disposal Directory to find a location for recycling/disposal.